In old times, I couldn't spell this word properly. Same as "existence".

Are you satisfy with your current lifestyle?

Do you find that there are a lot of raised questions in articles or critiques without answer recently? Why is it so? I am thinking about it. People here knows how to discover problems and raise the related queries about the issue. However, they are reluctant to express their true feeling or write their comments on that. It is always a vague "answer". I am doing it too. Is this because of high pressure from speaking freedom? Or tend to please everyone? Not to offend any party?

I don't know how this started these few years. There are too many quenstion marks around us. I really don't know and don't wish to find the answers. It is because that is so boring to read articles with so many question marks. You will gain nothing and only being thrown a series of unsolved questions!!

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海市蜃樓 说...

how come this few days changed channel already??!!!

saujun 说...

What changed channel? Changing of language in writting blog? Hehe.. cos writting english seems faster..